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Acacia Communications

Acacia Communications and the Data Center Race

Here is Investor’s Business Daily recent interview with Raj Shanmugaraj, CEO of Acacia Communications, a fiber optic device maker that plugs into high speed communication networks/data centers. Acacia Communications (ACIA), which recently IPOed earlier this year, had twice raised its guidance for the September quarter and

Starbucks, Visa

Starbucks, Visa Team Up

Starbucks, Visa team up on announce the formation of the Starbucks Prepaid Visa Rewards card.  The card rewards customers for spending money at Starbucks as well as anywhere Visa is accepted.  The customer receives stars after purchase.  This announcement comes after Starbucks changed its reward/loyalty

Walmart Creates Mobile Payment App

Video: CNBC talks about Walmart creating a mobile payment app to rival Apple Pay or the Starbucks mobile payment app. This is the latest move that the world’s largest retailer is doing to become more internet friendly. But will it make a difference?