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Amazon Pops

Amazon Pops on Earnings Beat

Video: CNBC reviews the company’s earnings report as Amazon pops on an earnings beat.  Some takeaways from the earnings: Reported earnings of $1.07 EPS on $29.13B in revenue, beating estimates of $0.58 EPS on $27.98B in revenue. North American sales topped $17B while International sales

Amazon Pops

Amazon Earnings Preview

Video: CNBC provides an Amazon Earnings Preview.  Some things to look for in the earnings report: Look for 17-18% in retail growth. Amazon Web Services is expected to grow at least 50%. Look for commentary on the company offering Amazon Video as a stand alone

Facebook Beats

Facebook Beats Earnings Estimates

Video: Bloomberg covers the Facebook earnings report as Facebook beats earnings estimates.  Facebook reported earnings of $0.77 EPS on revenue of $5.38 billion beating estimates of $0.62 EPS and $5.26 billion in revenue.  The company also proposed a new stock structure, creating a non voting