Monthly Archives: March 2016

Starbucks, Visa

Starbucks, Visa Team Up

Starbucks, Visa team up on announce the formation of the Starbucks Prepaid Visa Rewards card.  The card rewards customers for spending money at Starbucks as well as anywhere Visa is accepted.  The customer receives stars after purchase.  This announcement comes after Starbucks changed its reward/loyalty

Gilead CEO

Gilead CEO Interview

Video: CNBC interviews Gilead CEO John Milligan.  They discuss Hepatitis C drug pricing, ongoing litigation with Merck, future growth and more.  Gilead Sciences made big news the last couple of years with its Hepatitis C pill that cures the disease but have come under fire


Alphabet Signing Major Cloud Deals

Video: CNBC discusses Alphabet signing major cloud deals with a technology analyst.  Alphabet (Google) recently signed major cloud deals with Apple, Home Depot and most recently Disney.  These deals seem to have Alphabet stepping up its game versus cloud rivals such as Amazon Web Services