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Apple Predictions for 2016

Very interesting article from Tech Insider giving some Apple predictions for 2016 and expected upgrades to various products and services.

Bio/Pharma Companies and Fortune 500

Interesting article by that covers the Bio/Pharma Companies that were included in the new Fortune 500 list.  Which companies rank near the top and who was most profitable? Check out the article.

Disney Losing ESPN Subscribers

Video: Bloomberg covers the topic of ESPN losing 7 million subscribers over the last two years. Does Disney have a growing problem?

Morgan Stanley Top Picks for 2016

Video: Morgan Stanley Chief Strategist Adam Parker sits down with CNBC and discusses their top picks and strategy for 2016.

Amazon’s New Drone Set for your Delivery

Video: CNBC shares footage from Amazon showing off their new delivery drones, which the company is ready to use once they receive regulatory approval from the FAA.


Potential $1 Billion in Star Wars Toy Sales

Video: Bloomberg covers the upcoming Star Wars movie release and what it means in toy sales for Disney…potential $1 billion in sales.

U.K. Arming For War

This article covers a report released from the British government stating the country will increase defense spending and purchase naval patrol aircraft from Boeing and 138 F-35s from Lockheed Martin. Photo Credit:

Is Apple CarPlay a Game Changer?

Business Insider reviews Apple CarPlay inside a GM car, as GM will put the product inside most of its models by 2016.

20 Most Powerful Executives in Tech

Interesting read by Business Insider on the 20 most powerful executives in tech, how they run their companies and how their stocks do.

Google Search Just Got More Powerful

Article by Business Insider explains how Google’s mobile search just got more powerful with a project allowing android users to search app only content from certain apps without having to download the app.  If this project is successful, it might lead to Google having more